How it works

Before you join

You must have exhibited in Parallax Art Fair in the UK or USA. If that’s you, then it is really easy to get started and reach millions of potential buyers. If you haven't yet exhibited in Parallax Art Fair, you can apply here. does not operate like other online sites selling art and design. If you meet the first criterion of having exhibited in a physical fair then there is our product-selection procedure. We process work as if your agent. We do not select product-makers based on lengthy exhibition history or curriculum vitae but according to the individual pieces themselves. They must be self-evident and lean towards the decorative in some way. If your work depends on its title or a piece of text fundamentally to explain it to someone else then it is unlikely to pass our selection procedure. Whatever you do, don’t confuse our selection procedure as a judgement on whether your work is good or bad. It is more about whether it is appropriate for selling online, which is a highly visual medium. For more detailed information about the philosophy and history of selection procedures in the arts, please obtain a copy of 'The Prescient and Ahistoric' from the shop section of our website.

Before selection...

1. Contact

Contact the exhibition manager and let them know that you want to display work. Let them know when you exhibited in a physical fair.

2. Send

Please send 15-20 images. They must be j-pegs. They don’t need to be full-size and under 1MB is best for quicker viewing. The works must be in your studio, for sale and undamaged.

3. Select

We will select 5 to 10 images. We may ask for further images of the pieces to check the influence of light on colour.

After selection...

1. Pricing

We will need information about: titles, media, full materials, exact dimensions, weight, hanging fixture (if any), and pricing of the selected pieces.

2. Commission

We will add 22% to the price you decide, with 2% of that for shipping, but will advise if your price is too high or low (for tips on how to price refer to a copy of our exhibitor’s handbook), or we will adjust shipping cost to make your price attractive. The works must be in your studio, for sale and undamaged.

3. Address

We will need an address where shippers can collect from you. We will organise the shipping from you to the client but you will need to pack the work for shipment (for tips on packaging see the shipping section of the latest exhibitor’s handbook).

4. Studio

Set the works aside in your studio and identify them with the ID number that we give you. If you sell a work independently or it gets damaged in the meantime, you must let us know immediately using the specific ID number of the piece so that we can remove it from the website. You can let us know using a form in the seller's console. (The form can also be used to inform us if you are away for a period and cannot accept collections.) You can find the product ID number at the bottom of the Product Information tab.

On Selling...

1. Order

When a customer places an order, we will notify you by email and agree a day for the shipper to pick up from your residence.

2. Package

You pack the work, attaching the shipping label we email you, and hand the package to the driver. The works must be in your studio, for sale and undamaged.

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