Parallax Art Fair is Europe's largest entretive fair for creative entrepreneurs. We have managed 30 editions over 10 years. That is 9000 creative businesses and tens of thousands of visitors.
Who we are

Parallax Art Fair grew out of a research exhibition called “Parallax” held in London in 2010. We were one of the first entretive business-to-consumer events in the world.

We’re noted for doing things a bit differently and pushing boundaries. Whether it is from free entry and no commission through to no selection committees, philosophical tracts and education, everything we do is about putting control back into the hands of the people that buy and display products as well as those that make products. And that often means having to help artists and designers "unlearn" what they are taught in art colleges because you can't make a living from objects merely as "art research".

To this end, many thousands of visitors have enjoyed unique art and design from over 9000 creative entrepreneurs during the last decade and we have helped many of those creative entrepreneurs to have the confidence to set up their own businesses and exhibitions. When you buy at Parallax you not only enrich your aesthetic experience you truly do something special too.

Watch videos about us here or get the book here! For a more in-depth archive, see here.

Our Philosophy

We believe that there are a lot of old-fashioned ideas in the arts that are simply baggage now. It is time to get rid of them and move forwards into a bright new world. It is time to set us free.

Everything we do stems from questioning what art history is and whether it is right to allow it to determine what we think today. This is especially so in the areas of buying and selling of art & design, how we determine what is contemporary, the way exhibitions are run, how museums display their collections and the way people are taught to think about art & design. One important effect of our philosophy is that we have no entry fee in our fairs. We believe that the aesthetics lying behind art & design has the power to enrich minds, improve mental health and well-being, and inspire all hearts to great achievements. We are proud to say that the rich and poor walk side-by-side in our fairs and all are treated equally. We don't have a VIP department. Because everyone is a VIP.

This same philosophy carries through in how we seek to treat our staff, you’ll be pleased to hear, building up their confidence and skills in an industry well-known for its 'sleaze' and difficult career entry.

Watch videos about us here or get the book here!

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