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Twenty-first century visionary?

You love art and design. Even more, you love artists and designers, even the horrible ones! You know it's a tough game for them and you want to do everything you can to create business opportunities and keep their break-even point low. You know they've got to make it in business to do what they love, even if they don't always grasp it themselves. You do everything in their interests, even when they don't get it or you. Even when they dislike you. You're not into ripping them off with absurd prices and you dislike other events that steal from them. You don't lead them on with pipe dreams of fame or fortune. You tell it like it is and serve them. You're prepared to lose money on a sale and do the right thing in the interests of a creative and build trust. You're a first-class administrator who will stay way past 5pm to clear the inbox and a six-day working week is a stroll. It's not a job for you. It's a way of life. Sounding like you? Then maybe it's time you started thinking of franchising a Parallax in your city. Drop us a line with the subject "I'm a Twenty-first century visionary" and tell us in 1000 words why a Parallax in your city would make a difference to creatives and why you think you should be the one to make it happen. And make sure you pop your CV along too. :) Go now >>

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