"Sometimes a word of encouragement is all that someone needs to lift the spirit."

Our Values

At Parallax, how we behave is just as important as what we do. The two are finely integrated. We are guided by a set of seven values. They are not unique. They are common-sensical. They are beautiful.

1. Service

Serving one another is a key component raising the mind and actions above simply “doing the job”. It is core to everything we do.

2. Integrity and Openness

These are two key aspects of what makes for a “good character”. You can trust that what we say and how we say it when you are present is precisely what we say when you are not there. It is always in your best interest.

3. Humility

This is the opposite of pride and the quality of being humble. It means admitting things when you have made mistakes and got things wrong. It also means that we know from time to time that we will fall short of these values because we are human beings.

4. Respect

Respecting each other as fellow human beings, without any other cause or reason getting it the way or justifying a position, is the greatest challenge for human beings. It is very much connected with Value 4 and the secret is humility.

5. Reliability

Keeping your word and doing what you say you would do is what makes you reliable. It is also the art of teamwork.

6. Magnanimity

Being liberally generous and lofty in spirit, forgiving everyone and anyone for offensive behaviour, avoiding meanness and giving what you can, when you can and where you can, to those in need, underpins all our values.

7. Encouragement

Sometimes a word of encouragement is all that someone needs to lift the spirit. It doesn’t mean that the challenges vanish but it does mean that we face them with a renewed vigour and confidence to conquer them.

These are our core values and we hope that they inspire all our clients and visitors to strive for beauty of heart and mind too, as well as enjoying the beauty of the senses.

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Photography by Autumn Goodman

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