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When a customer places an order, we will notify you by email and agree a day for the shipper to collect the work. You will need to package the item and attach the label we send you by email. Note, if your work is being sent abroad it will need different types of paperwork and some countries may need an image of the work displayed with the paperwork. In some instances, you will not need any paperwork as the shipper will bring it with them. When the shipper arrives on the agreed day, you simply hand the package and paperwork to them. All Shipments are sent recorded delivery and require an adult signature of the recipient at the delivery address.

It is important to ensure that you are available on the agreed date for the pickup as you run the risk of losing the sale because of the shipping guarantee. This is 5-10 working days delivery in the customer’s country of residence and 28 days for international shipments. Shippers will try three times to collect the parcel from you normally. It is important to inform us if you have missed a shipper so we can re-arrange with the shipper.

You can inform us using the Item Update Form on this page. Please select "Missed Pickup" in the subject box.

If you think you will be away for a set period and there is no one else who could package and hand the work to the shipper, you will need to inform us of the date you expect to be arrive back. We will then put a note on the item for customers that it will be available from the said date.

You can inform us by using the Item Update Form on this page. Please select "Extend Date" in the subject box and select a return date at the bottom of the form.

If your parcel is being returned it is likely because the customer gave the wrong address or was not at the address when the shipper arrived. When the item arrives, you will need to check it. We will then contact the customer. If they no longer want the item, we will refund them the money.

Insurance is included with the shipping up to a set amount.

Customers have the statutory right by law (in most countries) to cancel their order for any reason within 14 days beginning with the day they receive the item. If this happens, don’t take it to heart. It is not a reflection on you or your work. The item will be returned to you and we will refund the customer.

If you sell a work independently or it gets damaged in the meantime, you must let us know immediately quoting the Item ID number, which can be found at the bottom of the 'Product Information' tab on the specific product page.

Use the Item Update Form on this page to inform us. Please select "Remove Item" in the subject box.

Yes, you are responsible for packaging the work.

You should ensure that the work is safely packaged so that it will not get damaged. It is important to take a photograph of the packaged work showing how it is packaged (including inside if you are sending a ceramic). This is important for reference and may be requested by us. If work is damaged in transit, the customer has the right to return it with a full refund. You should use bubble-wrap and a strong container. Some paintings may need strong cardboard over the back and front of their surfaces (if framed) and corners given extra protection. Avoid sending glass frames. Ceramics should be bubble-wrapped and suspended in a large container using further bubble-wrap, newspaper or other similar materials. In some cases, very large items will need crating. You should bear in mind the potential cost of packaging when you decide the prices for your pieces.

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